Disposable Humans

Disposable humans
Mothers rights
Woman’s rights
I’m a woman
She is a woman
but it isn’t about that
it’s about population control
and the numbing of crying life
like the boys behind game controls
the boys behind game consoles
the girls and their right
the girls and their right
to be used
to be played
to not know life
and kill life
and the girls kill life
and boys kill life
and the elders die
and nobody cries
fourth trimester
when life has begun
can be augmented
can be restarted
in the dream of the Nazi perfect age
breathe life
and responsibility
I’m a woman
she is a woman
right to life
is right to life
woman’s rights to life
my life and responsibility is her right to life too
my daughters my daughters
who will fight for you
hearts go cold
for you and for me
because all the rights on earth
just numb you to life
numb you to life


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