I Swear (from 2010)

I swear

I swear if this dog /doesnt stop barking at the walls
I’m gonna just lose my mind
I swear if this world doesnt slow down
I’m gonna throw away time
I promise if you look at me wrong
I’m not stayin sweet very long
I’m so tired of the view
I’m just bustin out the window
to get a clearer view
I need to take a trip
I need to get some space
but its hard in a room of people
needed the same thing
My moms breaking down
and the kids are growin up
my mom is reawakened
and my dad doesnt get enough
we all need somethin
and if you find it would you let me in
because I just realized
bein free aint no sin
I swear if I hear my trigger words one more time…
I swear if they start fighting over their rights again
I’m gonna exile myself
I used to get involved
but here lately …
you can all just go to hell
just leave me alone
and let me breathe
I’m tearing out a window
just so I can see
Get the FSC off my cigerettes
Get your hand off my money
Get your regs off my lights
and I dont care about global rights
My dad is goin crazy
just thinkin bout it all
my mom is all grown up now
and thinkin outside the walls
and me I’m in my inner self somewhere
just tryin to get in
cause I finally realized
bein myself aint no sin

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