I Told You I Was

I told you I was crazy
I told you I was apart
I you all of this
I told you from the start
I told you I was serious
I told you I dont play
but you found the right string somehow
and I lied to myself to come down
there was a part of me I found
found in you
that I wanted to be
mirror you
mirror me
the things we are
the things we try to be
planned and stationary
watch a movie
talk about shit on tv
and at the end of it
I still dont know you
and you still dont know me
I’m over and understand
I loved a boy who could never be a man
I wanted a desire that was unreal
it was just a play
a pass or a steal
a pushing thirty something
looking for something real
yeah, you were something special
that you couldn’t even see
a boy playing progress
planned motions
categorized emotions and dulled eyes
I could feel your soul
and see your tells
and in your disguise I still fell
but I’m over now and understand
I was just too much…too much ..all over again
all over again
I told you I was I was crazy
crazy about you
I told you I was apart
I told you I told the truth
and I know now, it was too much for you


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