Lies on Every Level (2010)

Lies on every level

All around me there are takers and theives
so I am just wondering what you want from me
everywhere I look there is a story to be told
and no one wants to hear anymore
no one wants to know
its lies
its smoke and mirrors
dumbed down religion for people feeling inferior
its a drama in all your temples
its a fight in all your arenas
its sensation in your papers
and fodder for the haters
its a blinded truth looking in a mirror
by a people feeling inferior
I’ll stand in the middle of the street
just to see if anybody actualy sees
I’ll link arms and scream
with anyone who hears me
anyone whose tired of being told
what to think and believe
anyone whose weary
of their soul being sold
its a drama but not a fantasy
its a lie and not a dream
its a sychronized reality scheme
feeding all your senses
until you are no longer offended
its a gagged truth breaking the mirror
by a people no longer inferior
no longer inferior
we are not inferior.

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