Rather Be Alone (2010)

Nerves left exposed
what happened to my mask
I tried to hold it together so well
whats the use in that
I’m finally able to tell
I’m not in for lines
I dont want nothin for sale
there’s somethin in a mans voice
let’s a girl know she is home
I might be too old when I find it
but I’d still rather be alone
then to live my life like a play
best actress
and my home is a stage
I tried it once
and just got lost in the script
so wherever your goin
I know its just a trip
Dont lie to me
with a straight face
you might think your smooth
but your just a thief
ready to steal something you didnt earn
your not dealing with most
I am not unlearned
so I just smile and nod
until the lies have settled
and your standing there caught
I’ll be lookin at you
I told you
I told you so
There somethin in a mans’ voice
tells me everything
everything I need to know
or maybe it just tells me
that I’m really still alone
and I maybe passed my prime
when I find that sacred ground
But I’ll never be lost
If I know I never was found
Something in a man’s voice
where you know when you’ve been had
and all the inflections
leave you empty and sad
so until the sound brings me home
I’ll just stand here on my own


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