Relief (2010)

I’m so bored I cant breath
I’m so bright I cant see
I feel things you wouldnt believe
All I’m really lookin for,is a little relief
I feel choked on the depth of your insanity
I feel numb to your vampiristic profanity
I’m sick of uncertainty
all I’m really lookin for is a little relief
I like to sleep so hard I dont dream
I like to drive so fast I dont think
I smoke so much I cant sing
and nothin is givin me relief
no nothing is bringin me relief
I hate victims that profess their agony
but maybe thats who I’ve come to be
Cause in a world full of punishment and punishers
I’m lost trying to find me
yeah I dont profess any illness
but I’m so far from certainty
I’m never gonna find willingness
to get out of this mind asylum
banging on the walls and lying
I keep the faith
and lay awake and pray
but all I can ever say
to this part of me thats a theif
is cant you give me some relief
cant you give me some relief


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