The Book that is Me

Being a good girl I dont say much
Being a bitch I say nothing at all
Being mean I say too much
and being sick I dont smile enough
oh the books you read
when you look at me
mean nothing at all
nothing at all to me
He wants my opinion
but its too much for him to handle
and I’m not up for the debate
Wanna know my psyche
but in the berate
there is too much to know about me
Maybe thats why they go quiet when I walk in the room
its to trying for them engage
when they see the engagers slayed
or maybe they read too much
in the book that is me
but whatever you see
it means nothing nothing to me
who are you and what do you do
well you see me all the time dont you
dont you
and the I look and I smile
and he looks and he smiles
and says nothing
nothing nothing
but the searchers who keep tearing into my books
wont shut the hell up
long enough to see me
long enough to hear me
long enough to get it
Dont try to fix me I’m not broken
I’m just not you
and you and you cant handle
the book that is me
Its like War and Peace
it must be
because their are the patriots with a cause
and then the ones telling me to calm down
and the ones who are neutral and never make a sound
he just smiles and say nothing nothing
I would like to know how Helen felt
but there aren’t any warriors anymore
just beggers,thieves and investigative analyst trying to read
the book that is me.


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