The Creator,Created and Time

Creator created earth
Creator  created life
Creator created man
and then the woman life
The balance of man and woman
mirroring God himself
how did we get so lost
in the breadth of our discussion
on the explanatory needs
building instutions
and planting deathly seeds
the prophecies come true
the ones we read from ancient
and they still hate
and they still turn away
no one was saved by the sword
no one was ever healed by force
there is a balm in Gilead
there is a tree of life
there is morning star
there is an end to strife
and every eye will see
and every knee will bow
for the Creator has come
to restore
to resolve
and the ones who claimed His name
for their own selfish pride
for their gain and evil
they will not ride
they will not ride
Creator created earth
Creator created life
Creator created man/woman
and man/woman created strife
life begins
life never really ends
and we say come quickly
for if I die in body I shall live in Spirit with my creator
so set me free
so set me free
I will not bow the knee
dont bow the knee
to the Man who says he is He
the False Second Adam The false Christ
The false
The false and the fall…


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