The Land of …(2010) updated 2014

Land of the sheep
home of the slave
pardon me while I salute
the last patriots grave
they told me it was a lie
and they told me I shouldnt even try
but maybe if I did

then maybe I could have died
thank God they cant see it
what we voted in to pass
while we legislated morality
and sold ourselves to slavery
to bypass responsibility

and now

they have tied up the eagles
before the eagles started to die

guess it was a symbolic heartache
as we cant see eagles cry

and there is no one to save us now
the ones with money guide the wars
and that wasn’t not you and I my friend
since love of money is the root of evil
or those who  know have said
and no longer were we the best
the best of us are laid to rest

here among thousands of plain white crosses

that no one remembers or sees

because no one cares
or even believes

and thank God they cant see us like this
embracing everything they saw on foreign lands
ask your patriots alive

ask them

who will save us now

we have tied the eagle
and then knotted the rope
we have have busted the anchors
and united the globe
there are no dreams left in this land
but there is a lot of waste
and who will save us now
from this desolate place


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