Too Much (2010)

I wish I were like rain
I would nourish the drought
I wish I were like water
strong but soft
smoothing around the edges
and not to harsh sometimes
it seems the only time I’m caring
is when I write these lines
I spent my life in someone elses skin
breaking free I dont return
somehow I travel
but I never learn
I’m to harsh when I speak
and to quiet when I don’t
I anger myself for the things I do
and fear myself for the things I don’t
I’m to friendly
but I’m to mean
I’m so caring
but the most hateful thing you’ve ever seen
I wish I were more graceful
more calm and subdued
but even if I were
that would be too much too
someone give me a smoke
someone just leave me alone
im just so tired of talkin
Im just so sick of bein grown
takin care of myself fine
even though I’m here
and if I stop and think about it
well then there is too much fear
well where is my damn hero
did I scare him away
nobody wants to rescue me
at least not this way
I’m too much to pay for
and too much to save
I’m too much when I’m careful
I’m too much when I misbehave
I wish I could be quiet
but then what the use
whats wrong? are you tired?
thats too much too


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