Unheard (2010)

As I get older
and time just speeds by
I keep putting myself in danger
and giving myself strife
Entrapment on another level
or habitat of a differant kind
we’re all endangered now
to the unheard voices in our mind
Every one has got a hollow opinion
so I threw away my own
No one hears it anyway
You are in this place alone
The books
the opinions
the rhetoric
The disdain
Hey we are all rockstars now
glorifying the pain
we are all heroes now
standing in our own kind of rain
and we are all artist now
choosing the frame
Amongst the loud noise
the real reasons dont count
the smaller voices
are lost among the shouts
and the deep colors
are soiled by the red
yeah we are all victim now
to unheard voices in our head
Really big days ahead
set aside for the issues at hand
the issues full of air and voices
having nothing to do with this land
hey mamma we are all pilgrims now
what are we gonna do
when we are just unheard voices in our own minds
when we are just crazy poets with no room to write
and a bunch of soldiers with heart to fight
who is gonna save you
when they dont have the right
yeah we are all now
we are all now


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