Having Done All

What do you say when you’ve said everything

and all the words left are a repetition

Reminders to people with a short memory

What do you do when your voice is wavering

and the enemies have never left

and their agendas are just advancing

What do you do when you’ve said everything
and you look at the reactions

and you look at the sanctions
and say “what have they done”
and what did you do?

what have you done
What do we do
When having done all to stand we stand
and pray that words come to remembrance

and good deeds done don’t go punished

and good intentions paving hells’ highway
are undone and revealed

the thoughts we thought were ours
the promises we steal

and the voices in the wilderness

who unwavering sound the alarm
what do say when we have said everything

and did our best when our spirits were willing

when our mind weary and our souls cried

At the end we only remember we tried
and what do we do when the try is tried
even if we stood alone

at least we were there

so having done all to stand

stand therefore
because here and now we cannot do anymore

Cause mine eyes have seen the glory

My eyes have seen the lies

they wave through the air with color

a smog of manipulated warped time

always  but not forever

evil is insanity 

madness in their plight
madness from beginning to end

they will be god
they will be worshiped

give us a man they say
and be he devil or angel
we will serve
for the greater good of empire

for the greater peace
that puts loyalty for hire

didn’t you know that everything is for hire

for sale and up for grabs

highest bidder bids his price

your obedience is acquired

awaken to see your in chains

awaken to see your binding 

your participation is required
your participation is required

always has been and always will be

and you do it because aren’t we free
aren’t we

give a little get a little concessions are made
get some you get some and the foundations been made
my eyes have seen the colors of evil

choking the wind

choking the air I breathe

coming out of the mouths who say they believe

who say they they know me 
they say know my God
and then they kill and restrict and deceive

hey man, you don’t know me
no you don’t know us and you wont receive
participation is required
my participation is required

and then obedience is acquired

yes is it not all acquired”
always has been and always will be

cant speak for their evil

cant speak for their insanity
but I see the truth
since the beginning of time

evil raising itself up to be the authority

but mine eyes have seen the glory
yes mine eyes have seen the glory

Wisdom calls out in the street

the voice in the wilderness 

makes your hearts right a place
for the coming of the glory
the coming of glory


In the Distorted

  In the distorted

the matrix of projection

we are lost in the hedonism

in the distorted

and the lullaby of sleep

sleep believe sleep and believe

watch and repeat

watch and repeat

getting down to it
digging down underneath
I found the bones of truth
and the skeleton of deceit

and the father of lies

he laughed at me

and the father of truth
said “and now child you are free”

now child you are free
I looked back and saw the masses

they were carrying on
carrying on crazy
fight and sleep
get weary and repeat

get weary and repeat

Looking for the truth that saves the soul
I looked at the ground

I followed the moles

went through the tunnels
and found the graves and the holes

the blood of the innocent crying out
the blood of the innocent crying out
from the ground slaughtered for the apostate

in the name of freedom and the name of shame

In the distorted

the matrix of projection

the pots stir and defy

they boil and spill over

and turn day to night

the humanity that wont be

the humanity that plays the games

the humanity that wont


and the devil laughed at me

like a player who got to fool
and the then I saw

I saw the coming and the remnant

the remnant who saw
who didnt go to sleep
and the father of Truth

said now child, you are free

you are free… 



Smoke and Fire

Smoke and mirrors
But smoke means fire
Now we see clearly
But oh God there’s a fire
And the heat is the flame
That’s charring the cores
It’s melting the resistance
But fueling the wars
The battles and riots
Smoke and mirrors
Divert the game
See them where they go
Seen them when they came
Smoked up your view
When they detained your neighbor
Smoked up your view
Said they did you a favor
Smoke and mirrors
But now it’s just fire
And nothing in the mirror
Except me and you
And the fire
Smokes distraction
Blinding the picture
Spurns the action
And blinds the protectors
Distracts the dissent
While we hope and pretend
Oh ignorance is bliss
But we aren’t ignorant
When the fire is at our door
It’s not smoke and mirrors anymore
No it’s not bliss anymore
Where there is smoke there’s fire
See them when they came
See them where they go
And now we can’t say
That we don’t know
We don’t know
Smoke and mirrors
But now it’s just fire
And nothing in the mirror
But you

Who Told You..

Two Spirits came to this place

Two reasons came to this space

Two visions and reasons

one of independence and one of treason

already started in the ancient

already done in the the Heavens

not yet fulfilled

schools of thought and progress

moving forward to digress

reprobates and degenerates

chasing the heels of free
in the mind and in the soul
the mirrors reflect the heavens

the mirrors reflect the spirit

one world under one Son
or one world under the gun
of the image of desolation

its already won

the war is not ours

but the emotions run rampant
the ghost dances

the pep rallies in our temples

the professions of the wishes

saying it wont happen here

the reactions of faith
and the reactions of fear

the war for peace games

that they played on us
Two spirits came to this place

and the lines got blurred

just like Lucifer always says

Did God really say

Did God really say

and now you dont know whats real

and so you lie cheat and steal…

at the least to yourself

and good intentions lead you to hell
good intentions pave your way

Who told you you were naked?

who told you you were free?

who told you you were naked?

and put that guilt on you and me?

who told you…
nothing is new its all been done

two spirits came to this place

and the war isn’t ours
and its already won

in the ancient

in the Heavens

and soon He comes…

Who told you you were naked
when you caught hold of the truth

who told you you were naked
once you knew who made you
who told you you were naked

when you realized the lie

when you looked outside the lines
and still reconciled with the creator of life
who told you you were naked?
and taught you doubt?

the innocence of remembrance

like children to a parent
two kingdoms came to this place
like everywhere, like always
in the end only one will remain…


Concession made in the light

dangers done in the night

Concession are made
and it’s alright

people make the trade

so they wont have to fight

Concessions made in the light

dont tell the right hand

left gets it done in the night

and concessions made

and everybody sings

they get the trade

yeah its just a trade

distractions in the actions

concessions made in the light

and confessions made in the dark

yeah confessions to the laughing evil

you got a blind a few

the whore drinks the blood of the saints

the blood of the innocent

and the life of those who faint

faint for concessions