All good things

All good things
In the garden
In the garden
All good things to feed
All good things to eat
All good things to heal
All good things
And the fall
The curious
The deceit
The manipulate
Over and over
Trading the truth
In the path of the apostate
Love is patient
And love is kind
Love does not boast
is not proud and does not bind

love is God

for God is love
But things done in the name
In the name
Trading the truth for apostate
Trading what’s true for security’s case
Trading whats true for our own way
Tower of Babel
And we’ll do it ourselves
Build us a tower
To keep us from hell
But God shakes the monuments
And the foundations of clay
God sees the desolation
Of the imposed and apostate
All good things were given
Created and trust
Nothing last forever
In this mans world
We should have remembered
That nothing’s in stone
Except those things we thought beneath us
You know the things we just forgot
But towers of empire
In Babylonia walls
Be not afraid child
The one who hears from the spirit
And not the night time news
Be not afraid, for the one who calls His own
He tears down
And set things right
The things we recreated in stone
in stone
for all good things we undone

in the name of the father and in the name of the son
all good things we undone

in the name of ourselves

our lust our fame

a season for everything

and everything its day
all good things
all good things

History repeats

every time it comes around

the evil seethes

nooses getting tighter

around all good things

and the tower of babel

we build it ourselves

we are so much higher

so much more noble

so much more smarter

we thought we would never fail

the responsibility now

is to know what you know

and not the implementations

institutions or interpretations of man

He said this day was coming

but we thought not for us

He said this day was coming

behold and beware

lest you be caught in the snare
but the tower of babel

it shined so bright

get out of Babylon, child

get out of the night
The mirrored Kingdom

The mirrored Savior
The mirrored message

the choking deceiver seeths hate
and those who knew God in spirit

turned to the rich mans state

chose to abandon truth

for the apostate

but all good things made by man

all good things
all good things have their end









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