And They will cry

And they’ll cry lord lord
They’ll cry lord lord
But not everyone who cries lord lord
They’ll cry tolerance
They’ll progress
They’ll cry terrorism
And they’ll cry peace peace
At the hand of deceit
At the cry of freedom
At the cry of democracy
And at the hand of world peace
Silence your soul
Silence your piece
Silence your spirit
And silence your belief
And the sins of our fathers
They will find you
They will find
Preach the good news
Of the love of the coming and of being free
Those spirits remember
What was real and what was slave
We remember what was truth
And what was desensitized to behave
We sold our spirit to the state
And now they’re coming for what’s theirs
You can’t fight it
No more revolutions
Mother Earth won’t have it
Father God says enough
Know who you are child
And where you belong
And where you are going already
Who owns my soul
Because I’m not blind anymore
I’m not blind anymore
Heaven has my place
And I won’t bow to another
But they will cry the name of God
As a mask for those asleep
The name of peace
The worst destruction
In a lie of peace
And many will be
In the last great deceit
The last great deceit
The anger rises
And the anger surmounts
As the great liar build his last army
His last army
He doesn’t need us anymore
Our mistakes make our case
And our mistakes make our grave
Those awake can see
What we know past whAt we believe
Past right now past what we see
And we say come quickly
Come quickly
And those asleep
Say lord lord
I’m your name we have…
But not everyone who says lord
Not everyone who says lord lord
Know the one in whom you say you believe
Know the one in whom you claim to believe
Lest they put on you to deceive
Because not everyone who says lord lord…not everyone who says lord lord


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