It’s two a.m.

It’s two a.m
An hour before the witching here
It’s two a.m.
And I’m thinking of
What’s coming here
Yeah cause it’s coming here
History repeats itself
Over and over
The evil comes as a child of light
Comes as an angel of light
Lucifer manipulates
And when we finally see
He is coming for you
While you thought you were free
The choke gets tighter
And now we can’t speak
We were so loud for so long
We thought that all was on our side
Were so deep and strong
And What God allows
Is only for His time
What God allows is only for a time
We will all stand before his reality
Wasting time for false security
Wasting time in invalid arguments
Being judgement
And being pride
Being all that cannot even
Stand in His sight
And the earth cried
And the earth groaned
With the coming of of The Lord
Who redeems
We forgot and now we stand
We forgot life and what do we see
Just like past prophets who weeped
Yes the prophet weeped
The savior weeped
Those who are redeemed
Let us weep
Let us weep
For those who use His name in for greased palms building deceit
Those who makes claims will make it for you
Those who build kingdoms will enslave you
Draw your line
Who has your soul
Draw your line
For those who already know
The Tower of Babel rebuilt
Since the beginning
Evil and the good
The two powers within
One of spirit
One of men
And the devil uses the children of God
To build his tower
For the false sense of fortress
For the false sense of power
They are coming for us now
Like we came for others
Be humble now
For pride blinded us before
And pride came before the fall
Pride comes before the fall
The end is here
And I smile in my quiet place
For all will be revealed
Yes He will be revealed


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