May you…

May you always be light
May you always be brave
May you always be grateful
And always unchained
May you always be eloquent
With a danger that’s faint
May truth always be on your side
And may it always find you
Through turning voices of night
May all things be understood
Even when they are not
May peace come quickly
When swift memories won’t forgot
May you always be alive
In the life you are living
For life in a prototype world
Is always beginning
Nothing is new here
Nothing that hasn’t been done
As it was written
Nothing new is under the sun
But as long as you are here
And as long as you have being
May you have a spirit that speaks
And a heart that keep seeing
May you be blessed
And may you know
More than you did before
In your quest
More than you did before
May the blessing you are to many
Come back and find you
For you are voice for a people
To a people
A bridge of hard earned truth
May you always shine
May you be safe
And if there is more to find
In the hidden spaces
The in betweens of these prototype places
Well on this side of Heaven
It is the wise man who searches
So may you always be wise
Yes continue to be wise
And there is nothing you won’t find..
May you
May you always be



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