Once heard that everything was broken
yet I have seen it whole

somewhere it is known
Once heard that everything was fire
but I have seen it cold
tell me you dont feel it too

in the pretends

of knowing how it ends

tell me that you’re certain
tell me you’re alive

sometimes the fire is in surviving

and sometimes its the surender

and sometimes its the fighting

but all I see is grey
oh all I see is grey

the hot or cold

and no in between

the slumber and the slaughter

and nobody screams
the haughty and the arrogance

of what we think we believe

think we know

know it alls destiny
and all I see is grey

its all grey

the melting pot is grey

nobody stands out

the apathetic uncarings eyes

the policies high tales

and the demons lies
and the prayer warriors go home alone

and the prophets cry alone

and the shelters have too little hands
and too many lost souls

because all we see is grey

its all grey

nothing defined

nothings outlined

like a sketchy signal that just wont come through
the screen is grey its all grey
its me and you
and what we represented

well it was only projection

of terms and definitions of the contract we made
it wasnt us, it wasnt our hearts, minds or souls
now the curtain is fallen

veil is lifted and know you know

we were warned if you remember

we warned

and if you are awake

can you see past this grey

see past this grey
because I’m looking around
at the game changers who are game players

and the contrasting libertines
the central controls

getting to the choke holds
and they will keep you grey
out in the rain
draining your soul
in the system of concrete and 


everything is grey


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