Even when, I have gone away
gone into the crazy
gotten in the way of myself

gone into the ally ways of mind

and took up residency in tirades

and forgetting pretty lines

observing too much

and feeling things too deeply

been too much for my own self

and helping to raise hell
and amplifying the insecurities
amplifying doubts

forgetting responsibility

and continuing to ask how
Father never leaves

God smiles and waits for me

in the subtle peace

in the subtle waiting for me to breathe

creator created creation

a human being of free will
He waits knowing

I know His voice

I know His voice

come child and trust my voice

I give you life and I give you choice

I give you a heart and mind after mine

peace I give to you

peace I am with you

the difference in knowing and using

appropriating and abusing
even when I forget He remembers

even when I hurt

he heals

and even when I move to fast

He just smiles

He knows me

He knows me…
God breaths on dirt

and dirt sings to God

Cant get more alive than that

even when I forget

He is

He just is

and this earth woman remembers

even when

even when..


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