Solitary Confinement

I heard the voices analyze
I heard the voices debate

they pit their reason

against us
they laugh and lie

reason is a hateful disguise

like progress 
like progress
Once we were used
if you think about it so were you
an idea, a dream a passion
gets corralled and herded 

so we became them
yeah we became them
using the same hit words
using the same system
and forgetting the cost involved
forgetting life and living
soul, truth and loss
now they’re done with us and on to the next ruse
and the rope we used is now our noose
once more for progress
and they’ll laugh while we take our turn
laugh while they take our children
laugh while they move us
laugh when we pray
laugh when we trust
laugh when we speak
laugh when we are who we are
laugh when we bleed and behold our scars
the last cleanse
the last war the last rinse
the last threshing and the last separation
behold, prepare and watch the sky in the east…










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