Information intersects

in the computation of the mind
and the transmitters of the soul

like a antenna turned to get the clear picture

less is more

more is less

still less is losing

and more gets more
turn the page
turn the pole
get the wires right
and get the loose ends tight
get the clear picture
I’m not moving in extremes
not abandoning the foundations

I’m just looking at the in seams

and altering the perceptions
thinking about the projections

and the translations

and the altercations

the die fors/
the verbal wars

and the rhetoric schemes

the political plays on convictions

on whoever and whatever side

doesn’t matter as long as the turn has it’s time

doesn’t matter so long as agitators stir the pot

keep the scabs bleeding
keep the anger breathing
keep the wheel turning

the windows and mirrors steaming
so nobody eyes are seeing

we have the truth but no one will hear us now
after participating in the game for so long
for everything in the system that was wrong
buttons pushed
and masses with no life
now can enact the day of great strife

Wrestle not against flesh and blood

you aren’t my enemy
the system is run by a darker principality
that’s not our war

that’s not our win

and throughout time the wheel turns

and here it comes around again
as in the days of Noah

so are the last days of man

I’m just getting the clear picture

getting the truth out of the whole mixture

turning the antenna to alter a grey snow screen

for the minute it is there

in the clear coherency







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