Lets not kid ourselves

I was listening to the sounds
Of the anger in the ground
In the apostate of being them
Of the turning away and dying end
Let’s not kid ourselves said the man
In a biting and tired stand
Give in give up and just become them
Let’s not kid ourselves
Let’s not kid ourselves
Faith and reason should abide
But what is bought is presumed right
And the media is always right…right?
Let’s not kid ourselves says the spokesman
The spokesman
Leaving the way and leading the way in bought reason
Bought triumph
And bought treason
Let’s not kid ourselves
Take words out of context
And repeat them in vex
Makes him feel smart
Makes him feel together in part
Leave your troops abandoned
While you pat to the masses
Let’s not fool ourselves he said
About God creator breathe
Trivial matters that science begets
And reason and faith pit wars
And then our leaders become whores
Let’s not fool ourselves
We already lost it’s over and done
he bows out and hides behind reasons gun
Reasons gun
Reasons gun


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