Cause mine eyes have seen the glory

My eyes have seen the lies

they wave through the air with color

a smog of manipulated warped time

always  but not forever

evil is insanity 

madness in their plight
madness from beginning to end

they will be god
they will be worshiped

give us a man they say
and be he devil or angel
we will serve
for the greater good of empire

for the greater peace
that puts loyalty for hire

didn’t you know that everything is for hire

for sale and up for grabs

highest bidder bids his price

your obedience is acquired

awaken to see your in chains

awaken to see your binding 

your participation is required
your participation is required

always has been and always will be

and you do it because aren’t we free
aren’t we

give a little get a little concessions are made
get some you get some and the foundations been made
my eyes have seen the colors of evil

choking the wind

choking the air I breathe

coming out of the mouths who say they believe

who say they they know me 
they say know my God
and then they kill and restrict and deceive

hey man, you don’t know me
no you don’t know us and you wont receive
participation is required
my participation is required

and then obedience is acquired

yes is it not all acquired”
always has been and always will be

cant speak for their evil

cant speak for their insanity
but I see the truth
since the beginning of time

evil raising itself up to be the authority

but mine eyes have seen the glory
yes mine eyes have seen the glory

Wisdom calls out in the street

the voice in the wilderness 

makes your hearts right a place
for the coming of the glory
the coming of glory



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