Old Soul

I’ve got it right this time
whatever that may mean
I’m too old to act the way I do

but too young to be in this scheme
too old to be this reserved 

and too young to be the old soul

they call me an old soul

I hear the chaos

before you ever see it

I see the colors of the intentions

before you ever feel the results
I hear the wires

of faked and veiled occult

and I hide in the shelter

in the cleft of the rock
and pray for the saints
pray for the people
prayer for the fooled and the vain

Search the in the deep
when in the deep of the creator

calls to the deep of the created

and the waves hit the shore

and the manipulated seers

got confused and dont see anymore

and the deep calls unto deep

I distract from the distractions

listening to old songs

old books and old voices

researching overlooked choices

I’m too young to be this entrenched

too young to give up the ghost
but I’m too old to not
and too old to not accept the fate

too old to not take my place
and too young to be an old soul
too young to be an old soul… 

I know I’ve got it right this time

however the time reveals itself to be
I know I’m created
and the creator knows me

the sins of the fathers manifest now
and the sins of the leaders bringing the pain
in  the gutting of the free
while the young pledge to the insane
pledge to the new slavery

pledge to neon shame

The political and the person has always been separate
The political veil for the persons desire
distracting with the actors 
look past the veil to get out of the mire

they put us to sleep with fake tragedy
put us to sleep with a handed out dream
while they implement their nightmare

silence the prophets and they try to take our soul

but I’m a person 
be me young or be me old
I’m too young to be this old

and too old to act this young
I’m too old to see it alone

and too young to be the old soul
old soul


Recognize the Day

A ringing in my ears
A stirring in my soul
A sound some may hear
But only a few know
An aura in my sight
The under world moves
the apathetic are silent
Fallen under a weighty ruse
The heavy and weary
Pray and watch watch and pray
Time is of essence – recognize the day
Recognize the day