Storm Baby

Sorry about the rain
Sorry about the hail
Sorry about the clouds
That came the day you fell
It’s just the storm baby
It’s just the storm
She Hid in the rain
And listened to the roar
Stood in the pain
And watched it pour
Held the lightning
To reveal scars
If you got caught in the path
Sorry about the shards
It’s the storm baby
It’s just the storm
The verge of break downs
running over dams
A time for everything
And everything it’s stand
Sometimes the undone
Is just a cleanse of the soul
The tears of the heart
And that weakness it’s bold
Sorry about the damage
Wind just can’t be harnessed
Sorry about the fire
Purifying the tarnish
Sorry about the honesty
With it’s wrecking violence
Sorry about the peace
After the waking silence
It’s the storm baby
It’s just the storm
Sorry for the effects
And how they tried to hide
Sorry for the roles
And how she tried to disguise
She was trying to water gardens
She was meant to quench a draught
Winging the turbulence
Not sorry for riding it out
It’s the storm baby
It’s just the storm


Hear Here

Hear here
Where I was and where I’ve been
Got me to now
And now is going to when
Hear and here
Don’t get caught in the snag
Of the stagnant and sedentary
Of the perceived solitary
No need for bitterness here
And reverse forms
Of carousel tiers
Doing the same thing
Over and over , over here
Where you were and where you’ve been
Gets you to now
And now is going to when
It’s the altered perspective
Just a for a minute
Moving forward before it leaves
Living the now
Not yesterday’s dreams
Hear the here
Hear the now

They Say a Man

They say a man is a weakness
And a hindrance
And all those other is
I guess I just don’t mind
For all that
What is for my life
I can take and hold that crazy
For as long as it would be held
The man and woman
Just two parts of the shell
They say don’t define yourself
Hey I don’t but…
Oh well what the hell
I’ll be your shelter
Be your safer place
And I won’t ever tell
Can you hear me
Cause I’m no siren love
I’m no little girl with cause and effect
For a game of just because
They say that man is evil
In all the ruling ways
But behind every man
Well you know it
Behind every man…
I’ll be your woman
I’ll be your real and raw deal
I don’t hate a man
Just because I’m not a steal
Tell me no lies man
I’ll keep your secret too
I’m just a woman baby
Because you are what is you
And what is you
They say a man is a weakness
But I..I’m primed to fall
Hey a man and a woman
It’s what made us all
If you see me when I’m there
And if you hear me when I call
If your eyes are open
Hey I’ll be the woman
For your man
The way we all hide
Try to live without each other
Trying to be on the outside
You know and I know
Some independence is just a lie
Try to draw the lines
We try to live inside
I don’t fight that war
And I am not defined
I’m not a little girl
And I’m not woman island
Hell man what’s real here anyway
I’m a woman
You’re a man
I’m your curtain and your tent
So long as you stay
Man be man
Woman be woman
Be free to be it
That’s the way I’ll love you
That’s the way I’ll stay
And I’ll be your safe haven
If you’ll be mine too
They say a man is weakness
But I’m strong for you
What’s the difference anyway
The need the heart the want
I got this lingering need
Of unfulfilled long
I can’t be the way they say
And I can’t be the other extreme
But if you must be the same
If you can hear me
I’ll be your safe place man
And I’ll walk you home
If you can stay a minute
I won’t ask you to be strong
They say a man is a weakness
Must be weakness I long for
This strong by myself shit
Gets real weak in the dark
If I need not
Then no one needs me
And there is allot of me
That is needing all the needs
All chained up in that definition
Screaming to get free
Hey you
Didn’t you ever just want to breathe
They say a man is a weakness
Well who are they

The Closing In

I looked to north
I saw the new blood cold
I looked to the east
With it’s sabers
And agitated heat
I looked to south
Where the new red army
Has been hiding out
I hear in the west
Drought and radiation
Is gonna get the rest
The closing in is closing
Don’t you hear the murmur
Damn the fiddlers
Damn the agitated furor
Gut you on the inside
Let the outside take the shells
And the politically correct
With their censored lives
Distracting causes
And robbing the blind
I looked to the ground
Where the stones have been crying out
And I looked to the sky
And the hills
Where my help resides
They can call for the purge
And they can make me enemy
It really doesn’t matter
I know where I find peace
And if you can see me
See me as I am
I’ll tell you some things
Cause it’s not like it was used
Appropriated and abused
It’s not like it was propagated
But the propagated was prophesied
And here are the people
The body and the life
And the closing in is closing in
And we watch and pray
Pray and watch
We are not afraid
We are not blind

All the Time

Walked around and got my thoughts together
They say if you think too much
You lose sight of what’s in front of you
Maybe that was the point
At least that part about the truth
The feelings and miscalculations
The ones about me and you
So I sat down and had a few feelings
They got too loud
And rampant sends my soul reeling
They say if you don’t feel then it means you’re dead
I think it strange people who don’t feel
So they motion instead
Guess no one think that deep
Or feels too much
But I get it all the time
I get it all the time
I tell that boy wait for me
I’m gonna figure this out
I’m gonna compartmentalize
And not get too strung out
I tell that boy hold on but not too tight
Not when I’ve got to think
When I’ve gotta feel the words at night
He will always understand
They say that’s the best the best kind of man
Yeah I get it all the time
I get it all the time
And I sat down and had a think
Thinking about too much of the too much
And wonder what it all means
Some things don’t have answers
And the things that do
Just is a reasoned reason
about me and you
I’m a crazy woman
And I told you so
Tell me you get it
Maybe I’ll never go
Yeah maybe I’ll never go
Thought the feelings
And felt the thoughts
They say if you think too much
You must be running
Yeah I get it all the time
All the time and more of it
More so all the time

Not Your Enemy

Such a beautiful day
Sustaining the drama tree
Roots in hate and discord
Branches out into the air
And just moves around in the wind
No matter how the wind changes
The good becomes bad and
Then the good becomes strange
In place of reconciliation
Is forced tolerance or placed blame
I say I’m not your enemy
Look at the roots
I say I’m not your enemy
Wrestle not against flesh and blood
But we forget and make divisions
All the time
Every level
Eyes go blind
Every place
Yeah I get it all the time
The prince if this world
Out to destroy
Behind the veils of empire
Behind the names
Behind the sects
puppeteer the blame
Until we forget and are voiceless
And never see it’s the same
And I say still
I’m not your enemy
I’m not your enemy
Perceived or forced tolerance
Takes reconciliations place
true ties are threatening
In repressed feeling space
The voiceless dialogue
Of community replaced
By a false force of unity
Repressed creative and everyone’s the same
Agitate the differences and someone’s
To blame
And I said hey
I’m not your enemy
No I’m not your enemy…

Spent and tired

Spent and tired
Tired and spent
Looking at the days
Wonder where they went
Resurrection day
But you wouldn’t know it
Frolicking playing games
And a drink to show it
Educated holidays
And educated debates
Elitist minds got no time
For the reflection
No time for remembrance
Just for the guise and deception
Said it before we aren’t apologetic
It’s just went underground
In the heart and beats
Of heart sound
We pray thank you
And we live in our spirits
Where only life and truth
And savior can hear it
I make no debates
There is nothing that’s not been heard
I make no comparisons
The word is life and life’s in the word
The models and surface represents
What no one really wants to know
Or be or live
So in our spirits we are grateful
And in our spirits we live
The redeemed and once dead
Resurrected with new life
But you wouldn’t know it
And days like today
When it’s just time spent
And spent time and games to play
Tired and spent
Spent and tired
For the props and pleasures
Of celebrations acquired