We Are and Here Now

I said we are here now
And there are no secrets
No boundaries
Nothing is sacred anymore
We are there now
And there is no tomorrow
Isn’t it sad how we got lost in the game
Like chess pieces being moved
By pitting wills and perceived blame
We are here now and don’t you see it
Not listening still
Even the ones who see see in part
So I said we are here now
We are
We are
In a different sort of thing
Each we say a thing
Can you hear me when I’m not there
Love can you hear me
And can you see me when I think of you
In this state of puppetry chaos
I asked for your sound favor
Thank you for what’s acknowledged
Thank you for what you gave
So much of the routine
The routine in the day to day
A breath of realism is all that’s needed
Sometimes sometimes
So I said I want to feel something
Like it was never done before
I said we are here now
A crossing of what the HELL
Sighs with to hell with it
And we didn’t participate in the what ifs
And can you hear me
When I speak to you in dreams
Because nothing else in this time
Is even what it seems
But we are and we are here now
Not prisoners and no slaves
No bondage and no blade
In the reality that just won’t fade
Just won’t fade


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