Not Your Enemy

Such a beautiful day
Sustaining the drama tree
Roots in hate and discord
Branches out into the air
And just moves around in the wind
No matter how the wind changes
The good becomes bad and
Then the good becomes strange
In place of reconciliation
Is forced tolerance or placed blame
I say I’m not your enemy
Look at the roots
I say I’m not your enemy
Wrestle not against flesh and blood
But we forget and make divisions
All the time
Every level
Eyes go blind
Every place
Yeah I get it all the time
The prince if this world
Out to destroy
Behind the veils of empire
Behind the names
Behind the sects
puppeteer the blame
Until we forget and are voiceless
And never see it’s the same
And I say still
I’m not your enemy
I’m not your enemy
Perceived or forced tolerance
Takes reconciliations place
true ties are threatening
In repressed feeling space
The voiceless dialogue
Of community replaced
By a false force of unity
Repressed creative and everyone’s the same
Agitate the differences and someone’s
To blame
And I said hey
I’m not your enemy
No I’m not your enemy…


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