Spent and tired

Spent and tired
Tired and spent
Looking at the days
Wonder where they went
Resurrection day
But you wouldn’t know it
Frolicking playing games
And a drink to show it
Educated holidays
And educated debates
Elitist minds got no time
For the reflection
No time for remembrance
Just for the guise and deception
Said it before we aren’t apologetic
It’s just went underground
In the heart and beats
Of heart sound
We pray thank you
And we live in our spirits
Where only life and truth
And savior can hear it
I make no debates
There is nothing that’s not been heard
I make no comparisons
The word is life and life’s in the word
The models and surface represents
What no one really wants to know
Or be or live
So in our spirits we are grateful
And in our spirits we live
The redeemed and once dead
Resurrected with new life
But you wouldn’t know it
And days like today
When it’s just time spent
And spent time and games to play
Tired and spent
Spent and tired
For the props and pleasures
Of celebrations acquired


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