The Closing In

I looked to north
I saw the new blood cold
I looked to the east
With it’s sabers
And agitated heat
I looked to south
Where the new red army
Has been hiding out
I hear in the west
Drought and radiation
Is gonna get the rest
The closing in is closing
Don’t you hear the murmur
Damn the fiddlers
Damn the agitated furor
Gut you on the inside
Let the outside take the shells
And the politically correct
With their censored lives
Distracting causes
And robbing the blind
I looked to the ground
Where the stones have been crying out
And I looked to the sky
And the hills
Where my help resides
They can call for the purge
And they can make me enemy
It really doesn’t matter
I know where I find peace
And if you can see me
See me as I am
I’ll tell you some things
Cause it’s not like it was used
Appropriated and abused
It’s not like it was propagated
But the propagated was prophesied
And here are the people
The body and the life
And the closing in is closing in
And we watch and pray
Pray and watch
We are not afraid
We are not blind


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