They Say a Man

They say a man is a weakness
And a hindrance
And all those other is
I guess I just don’t mind
For all that
What is for my life
I can take and hold that crazy
For as long as it would be held
The man and woman
Just two parts of the shell
They say don’t define yourself
Hey I don’t but…
Oh well what the hell
I’ll be your shelter
Be your safer place
And I won’t ever tell
Can you hear me
Cause I’m no siren love
I’m no little girl with cause and effect
For a game of just because
They say that man is evil
In all the ruling ways
But behind every man
Well you know it
Behind every man…
I’ll be your woman
I’ll be your real and raw deal
I don’t hate a man
Just because I’m not a steal
Tell me no lies man
I’ll keep your secret too
I’m just a woman baby
Because you are what is you
And what is you
They say a man is a weakness
But I..I’m primed to fall
Hey a man and a woman
It’s what made us all
If you see me when I’m there
And if you hear me when I call
If your eyes are open
Hey I’ll be the woman
For your man
The way we all hide
Try to live without each other
Trying to be on the outside
You know and I know
Some independence is just a lie
Try to draw the lines
We try to live inside
I don’t fight that war
And I am not defined
I’m not a little girl
And I’m not woman island
Hell man what’s real here anyway
I’m a woman
You’re a man
I’m your curtain and your tent
So long as you stay
Man be man
Woman be woman
Be free to be it
That’s the way I’ll love you
That’s the way I’ll stay
And I’ll be your safe haven
If you’ll be mine too
They say a man is weakness
But I’m strong for you
What’s the difference anyway
The need the heart the want
I got this lingering need
Of unfulfilled long
I can’t be the way they say
And I can’t be the other extreme
But if you must be the same
If you can hear me
I’ll be your safe place man
And I’ll walk you home
If you can stay a minute
I won’t ask you to be strong
They say a man is a weakness
Must be weakness I long for
This strong by myself shit
Gets real weak in the dark
If I need not
Then no one needs me
And there is allot of me
That is needing all the needs
All chained up in that definition
Screaming to get free
Hey you
Didn’t you ever just want to breathe
They say a man is a weakness
Well who are they


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