Need something cool
To distract my soul
From the rages
The angers of years
That keep turning the pages
Making self proclaimed wars
On every body’s being
Triggers hell bent
On preventing eyes from seeing
Big restrictions
That skip over real offenses
Keeps everyone a victim
Hiding behind their fences
Churning anger
Churning rage
And when the new antidote comes
Nobody’s going to win


Lies and Truth

Hiding truth
In lies lies lined
Truth is hate speech
and truth is controversial
To those offended
And to those apprehended
By safety courses
And comfortable comforts
In the eleventh hour
All we’ve got to say
Is these lies lies lines
And the listeners readers and searchers
See what they want and believe
Or see what can’t be seen
And make their plans
In the eleventh hour
And truths last stand
Take it from the story tellers
The stone faced protectors
They’re on higher places
Then the laughing liars
Who go spinning things called facts
Spinning webs for the masses
And stifling the truths
Told by the creative and the ones called liars
Truth is hate speech these days
To those offended who never learn
We gotta hide our lives
Like stone face story tellers
Weaving truth in these
Lines lies lies
Today when lies are packaged truth
Easy to get and easy to buy
And the truth is hidden
In what would seem to be a lie
A creative line
When lies and truth
Jumped sides

Lightning Rod

Catching the fire
Catching the waves
Amplified clouds
And amplified rays
Like a lightning rod
In these stormy times
Seeing in the dark
The blinding light
Uncovering all the lies
You try to convince yourself
Lightning rod and I can’t help
Don’t ask me for anything
It’s not that I don’t care
I just come up empty
Though everything attracts
And it seems so simple
Can lead a horse to water
Can’t make a horse drink
Give a man truths
Can’t make a man think
So I’m catching fire
And catching rain
Catching happiness
And catching pain
Don’t ask me for anything
It’s not that I don’t care
I’m just a lightning rod
For all that is everywhere
And it illuminates
On the inside
And sometimes
Leaves me empty
Like a lightning rod
In these troubled times
I’ll hold the candle for you
And show you the way
I can get you there
But can’t make you stay
Don’t ask me for anything
I’m emptied
Give you some crayons
Make your own masterpiece
I’m a lightning rod
To help you see
Catching your fire
And catching your rain


Peace now
I see the world is pulling on you
Peace now
I see the darks pulling on the colors
The sorrows and angers
Breaking through the covers
Trying to identify
Or find a voice to share
Looking for the unity
And a reason to care
Care anymore
Does anything care anymore
Peace now
Unanswered questions in this fallen world
Where things go wrong and injustice is justice as just- is
Resolve and closure
Closure I got my resolve
Peace now
Any way and anyhow
Life in peace
Peace in life

Hey you brilliant

Hey you
You brilliant and alive
You vibrant and vibration
No framework or construct
I love your soul
Hey you
Conscience and aware
Don’t leave any time
Don’t leave here
I know there’s a time and place
For everything in season
And every time it’s space
But once in this reality
Once in this meeting of rhymes
Or meeting of the minds
I want to touch your face
No pretenses, judgements
Or building of high fences
I’ve got to show you a thing
And maybe you too
Whatever end it’s just
Left to the fates
In this world nothing stays
Except the lives we live
And the chances we take
It’s ours it’s ours
If nothing else is
Mine and yours
Is just the lives we lived
Or chose to in whatever way
Hey you
Brilliant and alive
Scarred and undermined
Hey you
You are beautiful
In your way
Isn’t life that’s alive
Shouldn’t it be just that way
In my mourning and in my transparency
Still funny how lense change
For those to those who see me
Hey you the one that gets it
Even when it’s not agreed
Brilliant and alive
You see me
All this time and all this energy
Harnessed in the limited
I prayed the tunnel
That God granted
For the ones that won’t be bought
And the ones who won’t be slanted
Distract distrust and lies
Won’t ever be the reason
For our lights demise
And hey you brilliant and alive
Let me touch your face
And let you see the life
Hey you

I say no

In my innocence
And learning questions
My naivety some may say
But I am the child and so are you
Learning from the children
Coming to the Father as children
No chains or games to manipulate
In my naivety
Aren’t all men free
Made whole and seen
Remembering the lessons
Some man calling us home
The god of this world
In Sheeps clothing
Seeking all that may be devoured
And I say… No
In my Innocence
And knowing what can’t be unknown
I seek the place that can’t be removed
I seek the presence of the knowing
And knowing what I know
Knowing the illusions
And the empires will
It’s called progress again
But it’s old evil still
Says he’ll rise up empire to the sky
Like babel and like Rome
The vampires taking life
And calling it’s own
In my innocence
And my sincerity
I do pray
None of the innocent are led astray
Hail to the masters
And hail to to wrought
No man bought us
And no man sells us
The man calling all of us home
I stay with my own convictions
Look at the son of satan
And I say no…