Here’s to the night

Waiting in the awake
I’m tired but willing
Waiting in the noise
I’m sleepy but reeling
Waiting in time
Times behind me and ahead
Waiting in the green
Standing in the red
Waiting in the desert
Man be my rain man
Existing in schizo society
Living in the reality
Weaving the free
Like I’m in the desert
Trying to plant trees
Waiting on my rain man
Lover man who sees me
Right through to the soul
Gets me but gets it
Nothing hidden and nothing sold
Turn the wire so the picture is clear
Out in the desert trying to plant trees
Calling for my rain man
To come and get me
Here’s to the dry times
To the saturated voids
Here’s to the quiet times
And here’s to the noise
Here’s to the word weaver
The ghost and the rain
We get the meanings
definitions through the same
Here’s to the the night
When the night makes things clear
My desert
My rain man
And all the things that are clear


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