Going off on a rant sometimes
And sometimes he thinks it’s funny
Love to watch baby rant and roll
Passions breed fire
And he likes to be in the heat
So he waits till it blows over
And he gets to be the peace
Nothing’s that difficult
Maybe nothing’s that deep
He wants to plant her
But she is like a tumbleweed
Or maybe
She wants to be planted
Just not there not here
She moves but stands
And waits and and steers
Giving tests and asking
Needs are undefined
Something there but something lacking
So it’s what the hell and hell what if
Looking for what’s not
In what already is
The maybes in the real
Looking for the real in the maybes
It’s the reality of the searcher
Or the discontent baby
Maybe ungrateful
Maybe just fear of losing
So lose it all
The regret of the chance taken
Or regret of the real calm fall
Passion breeds fire
And he loved the heat
But what is it
When different passions don’t meet
Maybe a complimentary
Companion or spectator
Watching tumbleweeds
Who doesn’t do anyone favors



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