The New

Reorganized interest
The turning tides
Reframing the enemies
And leading the blind
Shaken faiths are tested
And the knowers fall silent
Hiding in the shadows
Awaiting the violence
They’re coming for the strong
And coming for the weak
Hold your peace children
Until you want to be seen
So no one takes us
We should understand
We give our lives
And not to leaders man
Rewriting the words
And voiding the meaning
Silencing with brand new crimes
Readying for the brand new cleaning
Peace that passes understanding
For these times of insanities confused
Realizing the relationship
And life, love and liberties twisted and abused
Shaken faiths get exploited
In the brand new reforms and reframed
Reclassification but the story is same
Hold your peace children
Hide in the secret place
Until you want to be seen
The brand new utopia
The brand new game
The brand new evil
Is the old same


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