Rambles and Riddles

Telling the truth and being real
Opinions everybody’s got
Conflict everybody feels
Can’t take the heat
The pressure cook is full
Disturbance in the status
Taking sides in the dual
The majorities all new minorities
Somebody’s gonna get their due
So don’t ask for the truth
These days
These days in the beginning
Of old sorrows
Just passed to the other side
Pray in the secret place
And ready the heart for the ride
Can’t handle the truth
And can’t handle the lies
Can’t handle the real
But can’t see the disguise
Hiding the message in some rhyme
Veiling it all in some pretty lines
And one day in the decipher
They’ll analyze
And the meaning comes through
With time
With time
Sometimes it’s a ramble
Coming out of the head
And a riddle coming out of the heart
Whatever and it’s the same
When you see in part
Hide it in plain sight
Feel in part
Veil it in lines
Rambles and riddles
And riots of the heart


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