Bartenders View- perception

Pick your poison and numb the pain
Numb the priorities responsibilities
Or just relax a while
We all do it we all got our way
Those big pretty houses
They never see
They never live in
They never rest or reprieve
Talk about the people next door
Or the man on the hill
Or the girl behind the bar
What are you doing here
You look real cerebral
You look real smart
Look real smart but don’t leave here
No don’t leave here
Have a heavy hand
Make us remember we are
We are something
That we say we are
Some are real good people
Just having their moment of rest
Before they go home
To the secrets nobody knows
Saying things without saying things
They know I know
That they’re just playing
And worrying about the times
But don’t tell that preacher poet bartender
She might sneak it out in rhymes
And some just never ever wanna leave
Don’t like those big houses
That they never ever see
Be what you want girl
And do what you do
We sure love you here
So much that we don’t remember you
So sorry you work crazy hours
So sorry that I’m here all the time
To pay as long as you’ll stay
Don’t really have a life just an image
Running back and forth
It’s a suicide scrimmage
Pick your poison and make me forget
I’m gonna leave here soon
I’m just not ready yet
Just not ready yet
It’s spring and every body’s sister is getting married
It’s Christmas and so the end of the year
It’s fall and all those tailgates
And then it’s summer and all those soccer mom drives
So much so much to do too much to remember – and we are all so tired
Hey you behind the bar how is yours?
You look so cerebral , and so smart
We are so sorry you’re here all the time
But make sure you always are
The year is cut up in sections
Always pushing for the next big thing
Have an open bar and a band that sings
Some are real good people
Watching their neighbors laugh
Some just want a moment
A moment alone that lasts
Don’t show that poet bartender
She’ll make you immortal one day
One day when you forget she was in this place
Perceptions of you and your perceptions of me
Broke is broke no matter how much is in the bank
And lonely is lonely no matter whose at home
No matter how many is at the party
Everyone is really just drinking alone

Don Henley wrote about a ” Sunset Grill” … I’m a bartender in a higher class joint and have written a couple of blogs in “my two cents” blog, from the perception of a bartender. I decided to write one for my followers here. Have fun. Five ten- twelve hour shifts… I’m going to bed and assessing a thesis draft tomorrow. There are reasons for my madness. Peace.


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