Hey you brilliant

Hey you
You brilliant and alive
You vibrant and vibration
No framework or construct
I love your soul
Hey you
Conscience and aware
Don’t leave any time
Don’t leave here
I know there’s a time and place
For everything in season
And every time it’s space
But once in this reality
Once in this meeting of rhymes
Or meeting of the minds
I want to touch your face
No pretenses, judgements
Or building of high fences
I’ve got to show you a thing
And maybe you too
Whatever end it’s just
Left to the fates
In this world nothing stays
Except the lives we live
And the chances we take
It’s ours it’s ours
If nothing else is
Mine and yours
Is just the lives we lived
Or chose to in whatever way
Hey you
Brilliant and alive
Scarred and undermined
Hey you
You are beautiful
In your way
Isn’t life that’s alive
Shouldn’t it be just that way
In my mourning and in my transparency
Still funny how lense change
For those to those who see me
Hey you the one that gets it
Even when it’s not agreed
Brilliant and alive
You see me
All this time and all this energy
Harnessed in the limited
I prayed the tunnel
That God granted
For the ones that won’t be bought
And the ones who won’t be slanted
Distract distrust and lies
Won’t ever be the reason
For our lights demise
And hey you brilliant and alive
Let me touch your face
And let you see the life
Hey you


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