I say no

In my innocence
And learning questions
My naivety some may say
But I am the child and so are you
Learning from the children
Coming to the Father as children
No chains or games to manipulate
In my naivety
Aren’t all men free
Made whole and seen
Remembering the lessons
Some man calling us home
The god of this world
In Sheeps clothing
Seeking all that may be devoured
And I say… No
In my Innocence
And knowing what can’t be unknown
I seek the place that can’t be removed
I seek the presence of the knowing
And knowing what I know
Knowing the illusions
And the empires will
It’s called progress again
But it’s old evil still
Says he’ll rise up empire to the sky
Like babel and like Rome
The vampires taking life
And calling it’s own
In my innocence
And my sincerity
I do pray
None of the innocent are led astray
Hail to the masters
And hail to to wrought
No man bought us
And no man sells us
The man calling all of us home
I stay with my own convictions
Look at the son of satan
And I say no…


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