Lies and Truth

Hiding truth
In lies lies lined
Truth is hate speech
and truth is controversial
To those offended
And to those apprehended
By safety courses
And comfortable comforts
In the eleventh hour
All we’ve got to say
Is these lies lies lines
And the listeners readers and searchers
See what they want and believe
Or see what can’t be seen
And make their plans
In the eleventh hour
And truths last stand
Take it from the story tellers
The stone faced protectors
They’re on higher places
Then the laughing liars
Who go spinning things called facts
Spinning webs for the masses
And stifling the truths
Told by the creative and the ones called liars
Truth is hate speech these days
To those offended who never learn
We gotta hide our lives
Like stone face story tellers
Weaving truth in these
Lines lies lies
Today when lies are packaged truth
Easy to get and easy to buy
And the truth is hidden
In what would seem to be a lie
A creative line
When lies and truth
Jumped sides


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