Like all the carts are being dumped
And the contents are revealed
Everybody sees which hidden thing effects them
And everybody is angry in their own right
And everybody’s right in their own sight
And the rages roar
And the interests makes war
Spinning out their energy
Truth was appropriated long ago
And wolves in Sheeps clothing got in good
They’ll do it again
And don’t be deceived
In the blindness of anger and
That the beast feeds…
When they say peace
They don’t know the source
Just another apprehended word
They use and abuse
Like love
Like faith
Like everything
And behold to those who wait
And already know
The anger over here
The anger over there
And they welcome the opposite
Which is just the same
Like a bunch of pawns
In a chess game
While we were fighting enemies
They came and made their camps
Can’t say that though
The PC police will silence you
Don’t look here
Look way over there
And they come
Like they were set out to do
The new world purge
The new world cleanse
New age peace
If you don’t say the wrong thing
Don’t mean to bug you
I just had some thoughts
When the makes sense don’t make sense
And everything is to be bought
Vampires are here
They were in the shadows
And waiting for now
Waiting for years


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