And the wind came
And the storms drowned
And the sky turned red
In my house in my house
Where my spirit hid
Says I’m Alive
I’m alive and nothing can kill me
They turned cold and they
Turned hard but
I was already whole
I saw the whole thing
Before it ever met my door
Long ago when jokes were made
And life and Liberty took for granted
I saw it all like killer dogs held back
Like vampires in the shadows waiting
They entertained us in the light
While they crept in and took the night
The mans at the top
Pretending to smile and praise God
They put lucifer on thier own thrones
And no one could hear the difference
Didn’t know the voice of their own creator
And when they came to me
For a play on the game
I called their face
Shined the light on their desolate space
Your savior won’t save you now
They say
But they didn’t understand
A soul has a body
And not the other way around
Looking their lies in the eyes
I said
My savior He already has
And the wind came
And the storms drowned
Just like me
All creation just cried out
And we are alive


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