Wild Fire and Windows

Because this wild fire
Gets down to embers sometimes
And thunder doesn’t even produce rain
And this wild fire gets reckless sometimes
And sometimes needs a quiet same
Hey give me my window
For the reflection
Give me my window
For my space
And give me my window
Out side the commentary
Out side of the tyranny of shoulds
And out side of ordinary
Because this wild fire
Burns out sometimes
And this wild fire forgets what she’s burning
Always firing and always learning
In the reality of what’s gonna go down
The real raw deals
And the excuses and the the steals
Give me my window
And room where I make it right
Give me my window
Where I’ve got my free time
To seek and pray
Or rant and write
Real or not
That view is mine
If you don’t hear the song
It wasn’t for you anyway
Because this wildfire
Sometimes burns real bright
It’s not the way it was planned
It’s just the way it goes down
Didn’t ask for permission to burn
Those borders down
So give me my window
Where I can get the view
This window ain’t about dues
And if you get the invite
There was only a few
Maybe a quiet sameness
Must have been burning there too
Get your smoke and thoughts together
There’s a space for you


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