Wind times

Whatever’s real and realities
Reality is fantasy sometimes
Just showing us what is real
Talking to the wind
And seeing how that feels
The wind might carry
Something that can’t be said
Or coming back and feeding
What hasn’t yet been fed
And those moments that our ours
And words that don’t make sense
To anyone but us
On one kind of refuge
And silent comprehend
For a little while
It’s a little while longer
And in a way
We step back and let the wind
Do our talking
And feeling outs
I’ll kiss the wind for you
And know in a lines lined realm
You’ll get it
While the wind flies us to home
And you are never ever
Really alone
And the rain it’s coming
Washing some clean
And washing some out
Nourishing some
And drowning others out
Something about the rain
It always speaks to me
It Rains on us all
It’s all in how we perceive
And I’ll kiss the rain for you
In whatever rain you are in
Smile for me
In reality some don’t know
And know in some ways
You are never ever alone


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