Southern Comfort

We never meet a stranger
Because we know who you are
Even if we staring
It’s just because we haven’t seen you before
And we never hear a new thing
It might just be new to you
Tell it over sweet tea or coffee
By day
And a night it’s bourbon and lemonade
Rain on the tin roof
Talking about some wreck
Whatever kind of wreck it is
Talking about black cats and superstitions
Talking about Sundays and black days
And high fired opinions
And here
Way down here
Where things change
But everything stays the same
Ain’t no strangers
It’s a southern comfort thing
Out in the city
That the bigger cities make fun of
I sit in windows and listen to the same kinds of things
No matter where you are
It’s always gonna be the same
Just a different wired world
But it’s our world
Talking about the people
That pretend we aren’t here
And talking about the good old boys
And cheering on the men
With their new shiny toys
And southern girls
Can make you feel like the world
But it’s only after they drink and talk
And consider that you really are the world
Passive aggressive and hyperbole
It’s the way we run
And the way we run
Is a different kind if free
It’s rain in a tin roof
And sweet tea women in the day
It’s fire opinions
And by night it’s bourbon and lemonade
It’s bourbon and lemonade
And we never meet a stranger
Unless you just want to be
Hey welcome and pull up a chair
In a humid southern night
When it’s as cool as it’s gonna get
Get your sweet drink
And talk about things ain’t happened yet
Work and men and women
And lemonade and bourbon
And God and cigarettes
In the quiet part of the USA
The loudest people
Know the southern comfort
That comes after a southern day


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