Southern Woman Prayer

Fires in the south
felt that dark and felt that sad

felt the void and the holding ache
prayed the prayers for the Lord to take

looked up and saw the falling veil
better know where you stand these days
and way down south here

nothings ever really changed
some of us been saying this for years

just no one cared

because we are way down here

well if weird things happen

its gonna happen in the fire and rain

Georgia thunderstorms

and valley’s of the pain
where in the red dirt remembers
some how I’m blessed to remember you

something in a southern song is I’m singing to you

simple as it is, its crazy and simple things

looking at southern lightning seeing what it brings

yesterday southern woman prayed for you

because she looked up and saw the veil

and felt the pain

felt the sad and felt the Cain
prayed that thing out 
It was placed on her by God
pray for them that dont understand
pray for them that

just cant

had to get her mind on straight

standing on her own two feet again
standing when maybe you cant
praying the way, a southern woman does

cant help it 

its in the red dirt mud

its in her spirit

its in her blood




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