Did You

Did you ride the sky
In the swirling thoughts
Did you get so far out
That you followed yourself lost
It’s alright we
get ourselves back home
Did you ride the night
In swirling memories
Not yet remembered
But instead fired fantasy
Dancing thoughts
And given energies
Different levels of the something
Careful and steadied
But steadied and wild
Riding the sky
Like that
That like
Like we did


And they say

They tell me
Oh the leader made sanctions
And I say can’t you see the game
And they say oh the leader met with the pope
And I’m like the pope is a fake
How can you say that
And I say it’s cause I just know
And they look like I’m crazy
And they say oh the planes got hit
And look at this
Look at this
And I said oh just like it was written
And so it is
So it is and I say
Jesus is coming
And they look at me
Look at me like crazy
Well no one knows these things
But shouldn’t you
As children know the voice
Know the theatre
And know the choice
And they say
The wars are coming
But they are already here
Waiting for the signal
And waiting for the fear
To comply
And to corral
And to control
And I said can’t you see the strings
In the handles and the words
The hooks on the verge
And shouldn’t you know
As the children
Hearing the voice
In the participation
We always have the choice
Yeah they’ve been playing it forever
But that’s the difference of the voice of they
But both sides of that worldview
Look at me like I’m crazy
And it’s ok
Because I’m not afraid

Difficult Me

If there’s a long road
You’ll always see me follow
Just like anymore time
I’m always gonna borrow
The heavier load
Is one I’m always gonna carry
By those beat up door ways
Seems I always tarry
Attracted to those complex buildings
That have no way but in
Maybe it’s makin up
For the fragile way I was born
Staying alive by the grace and the fight
I couldn’t stay the easier route
Maybe my roads are just to prove my might
Or maybe I’m just prone
To take the harder road
Where nothing comes easy
But at least I played my own cards
Or so I say
No one answers for that walk
But me
And sometimes I look at those paths
And already know the risks I take
Every step asking myself
Why I do the things I do
But time answers those questions
Sometimes ask what those cost are
And if it’s worth the pay
But no one has to answer for the bill
Except me
Or so I say
Because if there’s a difficult road
I’m always gonna take it
Attracted to those complex buildings
Castles and mansions
Never was really my thing
But maybe one day at least I’ll find a quiet porch
With one of those damn swings
And I’ll reflect on all those difficult roads
And complex things
That maybe in the long run
Meant some things
Quiet and still
But you know still waters run deep
That’s what they tell me
When they try to figure me out
Getting in the water
And babe it’s just too deep
But some like the view
And some could have kept it safe
But breathing deep
I still took the road less taken
And still wherever it goes
It seems it’s always going to be the harder road
Because if there’s a difficult road
I’m always going to take it
And if there’s a risk I’m always going to weigh it
And if it keeps me safe
I’m always going to play it
And at least
No ones got to answer for those cost
But me
Or at least that’s what I say

Simple Crazy Things

Listening to the wind
And it’s pending cry
Looking at the lightning
And it’s lighting sky
The simple in the crazy things
That make all the chaos
Come clean
And it was mist
And it was rain
And it was the smell of the nurture
In the simple crazy things
And the mirrors reflecting
What can’t even be explained
Storms are so much sweeter
When he’s in
My kind of rain
Making new memories
Shadowing the ones that didn’t understand
The simple crazy things
Like mist
And lightning
And rain
And the thunder was powerful
And the wind couldn’t be caught
She couldn’t be something
She was not
But stood still a minute
And let the rain be
Gotta take that moment
For the simple and crazy things
And the lightning lighting the sky
Saw the whole thing
Making a new memory
Overshadowing the ones that didn’t understand
Those simple and crazy things
Like her kind of rain
And her rain man

I tell myself I’m not insane
Taking on the words and feelings
In this chaos framed in mundane
I tell myself I’m still me
In the together of what defines
Whatever is still free
I tell myself I’m still
I’m still
And whatever I tell myself
I check
I check with
With the one who knows me
The one who created me
And the one whose got the ending
Because I don’t know what’s going
The spiral into madness
Better know your own
Cause those seeds
They already got sown
And those stones
Are ready to be thrown
Remember me in the day
As a friend
And remember the dividing lines
When they come to apprehend
Told you I was representing
Told you I was ice
To the fires they were brewing
Or fire to the ice
They were construing
Whatever man
Only God knows the day
But I was an opposition

It’s all in the doing

In the meeting of hearts
Or the meeting of minds
I know there’s always a dividing line
Wanted to touch something I didn’t know
Wanted to go someplace I never go
And maybe teach something
Or learn something
Hell who even knows
Old souls no matter what the age
Seeing things from a different stage
Don’t want to acquiesce
Or lose myself
Just an invite to my place
To my frame
And to my change
It’s all learning
If you are about that
We aren’t gonna change
Or warp
Or rewire
Hey you I love your soul
The old souls
And different places
Of now

Something isn’t settling
Something is amiss
but in the disturbance
and seeing all that isn’t or is
Got a few things on my mind
better left unexplained
seeing as it is
they wouldn’t see it anyway
got this scroll down
on the feeds everybody feeds
and they gather and drain
scream and complain
storm clouds gather
but pray it dont rain
behold the pale horse
on the run
and one world running
under the gun
funny how they say
for the government to get out of the way
until there’s something they want them to do
and the borders crash in
and the sickness spreads its hate
and tiny corners of the world get the blame
quiet me in my peace
I just watch and pray
and somehow mourn
things I’ll never know
things they’ll never understand
and places we’ll never again know
and hide my allegiances
or spread my hands in the free
here it is
Daniel in the Lions Den
or Daniel praying in his window
Be not afraid
darkest hour is before the morning
but the darkest hour aint here yet
dark hours of the past
how soon we forget
all the anti’s making their cases
and the gathering
against all in certain places
and me in my peace
pray and watch
watch and pray