Woman on the wrong side

Small fixed victories
Cause larger wars of words
Getting tired of the propaganda
Making those hate and cold people
Ain’t I a woman
Don’t I have the right to say
I don’t see no war on me
Don’t want to take that side
Seeing the bigger pictures
And seeing the struggles in life
What’s real here
What’s real here anyway
When we were life bringers
And thrived for
Why are we in reverse now
I got no war with men
And I’m not put under
I don’t step on the pedestal of victim
Live and let live
And thrive and let achieve
This little war ain’t about this
It’s not even about you and me
Tired of those war of words
And expending valuable anger and energy
They say there is two sides of a story
But it’s actually more like an octagon
Looking at the areal view
Getting from here to there
But I saw that bridge was too long
And it started to fall
While we were making wars with words
And sides
And isolated cold hate and anger
Got mine too in a righteous indignant way
No matter what those war words say
Ain’t I a woman
And don’t I have to right to differ
I got my few things to say
But just like my mother
A woman on the wrong side if those arguments
A woman on the wrong side
Don’t belong there
Don’t matter
Life bringers nurturers
And just living living on the wrong side of those arguments
Hey, I don’t I dissent
In the quieter way
But it’s getting louder
Louder every day


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