Crazy Gardens

And the crazy parts of me wrote it
And the questioning parts observed it
And the feeling parts of me just felt
And somehow feelings they met
Or so the whatever’s say
In the settlings of the nights
Regarding what was done in the days
My vilified worldviews
My vilified me… Hasn’t even happened yet
But my feelings saw it
And my writing wrote it
And baby it ain’t even happened yet
Feelings of alone that can’t be explained
So close and so far
Felt it when it fired
And felt it when it rained
Felt it when it lost
And felt the unfelt pains
And the crazy parts of me wrote it
And the questioning parts observed
And the feeling just felt
Wanna hold that crazy
Maybe only another crazy can hold
The differing crazies
Only crazy can know
Who understands that anyway
In a quiet place
That is otherwise undefined
I held it for a
And it was ours
And it was mine
Maybe fueled the fires
And maybe met the rain
Maybe melted ice
And maybe absorbed some pain
In my house anyway
Where that undefined is welcome
But in reality I know can’t stay
The meeting of some meetings
Kissing safer fires
And melting in same rains
Would hold that same
For as long as it would stay
For as long as the need needed
Because the crazy parts of me wrote it
And it just so happened to be
Maybe called in
Maybe wired connected
But whatever it is is whatever it’s in
But in the crazy nights
Assessing the days sanes
It is good to know in undefined understandings
Soul lovers reside
In those crazy crazy nights
Because I wrote it
And the crazy in me
Maybe just isn’t that crazy
In the fires that kissed
Or the rains that met
Met him in my garden
Met him
And wept
And some things crazy as they be
Or only really meant for us
Or only defined by me


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