Windows and Doors

What it is is what it is
Till is won’t be anymore
So she kind of hangs around in that window
And stays close to the door
Inspirations turned to dreams
And dreams turned to visions
Then visions turned to meaning
And the meaning is what is
Till the is won’t be anymore
Behind the walls of our walks
We watch the realities get bent
And through our filters of perception
We watch the world get burnt
And just look at each other
And our own burn marks
Or our past scars
Different worlds and different times
Different spaces and lines
Cross paths here
And change the finds
And the exchange of same kinds
Resting places arresting
What’s given and what’s grateful to feel
It is what it is but what it is is real
So she hangs out by that window
And she watches the door still
And behind the differences
And behind the worlds
They discuss the views
And the times
And then on some level
their own rhymes
Where the same meets
In the what is
And the what is is what it is
Till it won’t be anymore
So she hangs out in that window
Where things somehow make sense
And the mutual thoughts play
And the laugh and make friends
In those two way windows
Where lines ascend
And she just kinda hangs out there
And stops thinking about the door



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