The Truth Child

Too late to sleep
In every way that people sleep
Too late to awake
In the ways that people wake
Hear the drum roles
And see the turns
See the lake of fires
As they burn
And on each sides extreme
In the ways people get caught
Somewhere in the middle
The truth cries in the chaos
And I picked up that child
As only children really see
And held that innocence
As only children really believe
And when they say thus saith The Lord
Meaning thus saith I
I prayed anyway
And looked to the sky
And on the twelfth hour
Of the last day
I knew that truth would finally have it’s day
Because on the extreme ends
Where the people got played
In the ignorance or arrogant ways
Always gaining knowledge yet never learning
Always taking sides
But never seeing for their pride
And somewhere in the middle
The truth cried in the night
And In the chaos I picked up that child
And we ran somewhere
And awaited the morning
And awaited the light
Hearing those screams
Awaiting the fixed moves
Those starved out needs
And the sore bruised
Shining up the new enemy
And calling for the new army
Choosing over real feeling for what is tolerant
And choosing over evident for what’s perceived
And either side can do it so either side does
And somewhere in the middle the truth cries
And on the day of the fall
When the empire crumbled
I took that child
When I heard it’s sad call
Even if we got taken
It was the only worth cause


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