Something isn’t settling
Something is amiss
but in the disturbance
and seeing all that isn’t or is
Got a few things on my mind
better left unexplained
seeing as it is
they wouldn’t see it anyway
got this scroll down
on the feeds everybody feeds
and they gather and drain
scream and complain
storm clouds gather
but pray it dont rain
behold the pale horse
on the run
and one world running
under the gun
funny how they say
for the government to get out of the way
until there’s something they want them to do
and the borders crash in
and the sickness spreads its hate
and tiny corners of the world get the blame
quiet me in my peace
I just watch and pray
and somehow mourn
things I’ll never know
things they’ll never understand
and places we’ll never again know
and hide my allegiances
or spread my hands in the free
here it is
Daniel in the Lions Den
or Daniel praying in his window
Be not afraid
darkest hour is before the morning
but the darkest hour aint here yet
dark hours of the past
how soon we forget
all the anti’s making their cases
and the gathering
against all in certain places
and me in my peace
pray and watch
watch and pray


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